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Indoor Boot Camps in Bankstown

BootCamp Classes in Bankstown


Personal Trainers in Hurstville

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Go Ape Bootcamp - Indoor Bootcamp

Go Ape Bootcamp

Personal Trainers
in Mortdale

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer Job Sydney

About Us

X Fitness Solutions was founded by Robbie Bugo in April 2001.

We are a group of Fitness Professionals who's core business is in Personal Training and Coaching within the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry.

We are Fat Loss and Muscle Toning Specialists. And experts in Dynamic Functional Exercise. Each of our plans are specifically tailored to each client.

Our Mission Statement

I have an intense passion for helping people develop and grow not just in the fitness industry but in life. To use the principles that I have learned to enhance and make a difference to my clients. To be a role model for anyone I come into contact with.

I want to provide unsurpassed customer service to my clients. Continually looking for opportunities to improve my fitness knowledge and re-defining what results mean.

To provide new and innovative services and products which will set new standards in the fitness industry.

Robbie Bugo

“What humans beings are capable of is absolutely incredible, what people will do is rather different than what they can do. It’s not what we can do in life which makes the difference it’s what we will do.”

Anthony Robbins

Our Community

We try our best to give back to the community and cherish the opportunity to conduct speaking engagements to highlight the importance of health and fitness.

Recently I was asked to do a seminar regarding a career in Personal Training. I would like to personally thank Kingsgrove High, their students and all involved for their attendance and appreciation.



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