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Client Testimonials

The following Testimonials are exact quotes from some of my clients

"Before being introduced to Robbie’s training methodology, I had been training intensely for three years with little to no gains to my physique and strength. His knowledge & mentoring enabled me to learn proper form whilst in the gym and take a handle on my nutrition. I started to understand the importance of a balanced diet to accompany my training. He is always up to date with the latest training techniques and diet trends to keep you motivated in achieving your goals. With Robbie’s guidance I went from dead lifting 60kg to 130kg which I never thought would be possible."

Michael Cotter, AMEX
Gladesville NSW

"Robbie’s knowledge, guidance and motivation gave me the means to achieve my goals of weight loss and improved health. I lost 20kg in 4 months"

Dean Moraitis

Sydney NSW

"Robbie's personal training sessions have been invaluable to my strength/muscle building and general health. While I had previously tried doing this without guidance of a personal trainer, it was clear that I was failing, as I was prone to injuries when lifting weights and could not keep my blood pressure under control without medication. Robbie took all of this on board and was able to tailor a program which was suitable for me. Through stretches and comprehensive coaching on the correct form for weight resistance training, Robbie has ensured that my progress is no longer hampered by injuries and I'm really seeing the results of this. With Robbie's guidance on a healthy diet and his cardio program, I no longer need to take tablets for high blood pressure.
Training sessions with Robbie are always a positive experience due to Robbie's enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and professionalism."

Mick White, Gladesville

"I have just completed a 10 week training program with Robbie. At the beginning I was out of breath and found it very hard to perform the tasks he was dishing out. Now I get hardly out of breath and welcome his challenges. I had low self-esteem because I was going through a hard time in my life at this particular time. All that has changed within 10 weeks. My BMI was 38 and after 10 weeks it is now 24.56. Totally impressed. Recommend Robbie to anyone."

Luciano Puntillo
Yagoona NSW

"I have tried a number of personal trainers whom I cannot say too much for.
I heard of Robbie through a mutual friend of mine that suggested I see him if I wanted to get the results I was looking for. Robbie has a procedure, a system, and a plan. He educated me on eating, gave me a diary that he created, he also educated me on training, tips and tricks and how to really get the best out of every session and set, still to this day. Robbie also practices what he preaches - A Big Plus!
Whether you want to build impressive muscular size and strength, tone up, lose weight or simply increase your fitness levels then look no further because TODAY is your lucky day...."

Eszter Nagy
Baulkham Hills, NSW

"Thanks mate, I really appreciate your help and advice. When I came to see you I was in such a bad emotional state and through my training and your encouragement, I came out of that - I really mean this. It's hard to talk frankly in the gym but I just want to sincerely thank you. Thanks again Robbie, I would recommend you to anyone that asks about PT"

Paramatta, NSW

"At the age of 62 my Mother finally decided to do something about her ever increasing weight. Before starting her personal training sessions with Robbie she was almost always tired, sick, dehydrated, and constantly in a very poor/unhappy spirit.

Her poor diet of fried food, and high fat European dishes took their toll on her body; taking her up to 140kg’s and heavily contributed to her type II diabeties. She had tried the gym sessions by herself, even investing in her own equipment. Soon however the lack of motivation took its toll and the equipment was never used.

After just four weeks of two sessions each week with Robbie Bugo she has become a much happier, active and healthier person. She now gets out of bed happy, and looks forward to the days activities rather than just staying in bed all day. I haven’t seen her this happy or energetic in over 15 years. Her diet is slowly changing, and she is appreciating the different style of cuisine. We are very proud of her, and she is very proud of herself. If Robbie can help her this much in four weeks, I look forward to seeing his results over the future months At this rate she will be able to keep up with her new grand daughter in no time at all. Thank you Robbie!"

Ivan Horg
Bankstown NSW

"Before training with Robbie 10 months ago I had been going from one fad diet to another. Robbie not only trained me physically but helped educate me about food and exercise and gave me the necessary skills to apply to my daily life. Robbie also introduced me to innovative and challenging workout techniques which kept me motivated and committed to working out.

After 10 months I have not only achieved the physical goals I had set out to achieve but came away equipped with essential knowledge to remain fit and healthy for life. I highly recommend Robbie to anyone who wants to train with a truly professional and dedicated trainer."

Randa Alamein
Revesby NSW

"I have been training with Robbie for almost a year. Initially I was training twice a week and quickly noticed results in body shape and fitness levels. My sessions were tailored to meet my goals and to also keep me motivated by varying our session content. I have now dropped down to training with Robbie once a week as I have learnt to use the knowledge Robbie has passed on to me but I just can’t give it away altogether as our one-on-one boxing sessions are so much fun. Robbie really listens to any comments you make and tweaks each session to get the most out of you. He takes into account how you’re feeling, what you’re aiming to achieve and most of all to keep you motivated whilst also keeping the fun factor."

Paula Biviano
Padstow Heights NSW

"I had a very difficult target to attain with many handicaps (both physical and
emotional) that would challenge me on reaching success.
I am very confident that without Robbie I would have
definitely fallen way short of my target.
The dedication, encouragement and commitment I receive from Robbie makes me
want to match this zest for myself.
I am absolutely delighted that I have achieved my short term goal and this
has propelled me to progress onwards to other reachable targets.
My targets are wholistic which include the inner as well as the outer..."

Marisa Corniola
Bankstown NSW

"Robbie, I am just writing to thank you for the positive outlook you have given me on personal health and fitness. I have never been as physically fit or toned as I am now after training with you. When I came to you I was over 10kg heavier, had no stamina and could barely run around the block. Now I actually enjoy exercise including running, boxing, strength and resistance training. It has made a huge difference to my everyday life.
I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone as an excellent trainer, especially because you make me work harder than I ever thought I could but you make it fun (unlike a lot of other trainers). Thanks Rob... Eve"

Eve Smith
Condell Park NSW

"Robbie, you have been my rock in my weight loss journey. I have tried loosing weight on my own before and achieved nothing, but with all you encouragement, support and effort that you put in to me and all your clients that i see you with, your there for each person 100%.

I started training with you late last year at 153kg and have now lost 16 kg. If i did not eat the wrong foods i would have lost more. I love the way i see you and the first thing you ask is how " How are you feeling?". You make sure that your not going to hurt me or strain me in any way that may injure me if i am not well or have muscular pain. You don't just have a set routine for the week you see how i am then work me routine for that night from there.

You make training fun, eg boxing your combos are great fun and when you mix it up and we laugh, laughter is the best medicine when your training because it doesn't make it a chore it makes it fun, and you make me laugh (Only between reps of course) ha-ha. The diary for my food and water intake and daily feelings is great, your diet plan and help with protein shakes and nutritional information is better than some nutritionist i have been to.

The way you tell me you can do this when i stand there and tell you I can't do it , you know me better than i do because i do the exercise and guess what yes i could do it.

When i started with you Robbie i could not walk 5 minutes on a treadmill now i can do 30 mins on a treadmill 15 mins on the elliptical and still have energy to do stairs after 15 minutes warm up and half hour with you.. My fitness levels and movement have improved immensely. I can talk to you about anything your not just my trainer your a friend. For all that you are Robbie I thank you. For everything that you do and will be doing for me for a long time to come i Thank you. Your the BEST."

Rae Lacey
Bankstown NSW

“My lack of enthusiasm for regular exercise made a complete turnaround after having started to train with Robbie. Exercise was no longer, mundane and boring and actually became fun and benificial at the same time. Tuesday night boxing with Robbie, not only gave me a complete all over work out with the routine Robbie created for me, but became the fun thing to look forward to after work. Flatter abs, toned arms, and a good laugh, makes the perfect work out for a formerly anti gym girl, thanks to Robbie. “

Linda Davies
Padstow NSW

"Robbie has been an inspiration *still is*, a great motivator, a person who gives 110% without fail & a great friend! He always makes training sessions fun but more importantly, these training sessions work! I actually came from being overweight to a toned, lean balanced person! All the knowledge and skill that Robbie has made me understand clearly what nutrition & balance is :) Robbie has taught sooooooo many stretches, weight techniques & cardio *urrghhh* I would like to say that he is turned my life around & helped me in every possible way to acheive my goals!
Thank you very much Robbie! It means alot to me :)"

Linda Saysanith
Campsie NSW

"Since training with Robbie not only has he helped with my weight loss and change in body, but he has helped me change my lifestyle so that I am healthier and able to keep weight off for the long term! He’s a great trainer, pushes you when you think you can’t go any more and really keeps you motivated to get where you want to be. Thanks Robbie!"

Erika Medina
Greenacre NSW

"I found Robbie Bugo after extensive internet research into someone who was not only convenient to my work, but also had the right philosophy to suit my rather crazy and irregular lifestyle.

I hit the jackpot with Robbie. He is a terrific trainer ... patient but tough ... fun and funny but also a whip-cracker if I were to try and slacken off. He has a terrific ability to tailor training - not only long-term but also week-by-week - for people like myself who regularly have new and exciting injuries and deteriorating body parts!

He has devised training that avoids particular exercises which I expressed right at the beginning that I loathed. He has also created different techniques to suit differing requirements, such as when I am nearing finals in my weekend tennis comp: he devises specific exercises for those times which help immensely with maximising results.

And most importantly, he hasn't let the fact that I am an overweight, middle-aged woman deter him from helping me get the best possible results from my training."

Maruschka Loupis
Bankstown NSW

"I used to work with Robbie and at times I'd ask him for fitness tips. What I liked about Robbie is that when he explains the exercise, he always makes sure you are in the right posture and are doing the exercise right. That's what I want. I live about 40mins drive from Robbie but last year I decided I'd see what he was like. I took one session and I loved it. As I said, he makes sure you do the exercise right and the posture. After the session I was pumped and wanted more, it's true Robbie. Sometimes you see fitness trainers that are just watching thier client do the exercise but not giving much direction. I hate that but Robbie is not like that. Try taking one session with Robbie to see what I mean and you will see that you will keep going back for more. I live about 40mins drive from Robbie's area but I'm planning to sign him up and travel because he is worth it and is the best I've seen. If you want the right person to give you the shape you want, I'm going for Robbie. He is passionate about fitness and I know he is dedicated to his clients."

Joanna Sanchez
Fairfield NSW

"Previous to Robbie, my workout experience had not been effective in the way I would have preferred and I found myself going to the gym without any drive. Robbie has changed all that. He is a high motivator and designs exercises that consistently and constantly challenge me which increases my stamina, strength and has changed my body shape to be less bulky and rigid. Robbie is extremely focused on helping clients achieve their goals and puts a lot of effort into ensuring that exercisers are performed with the correct technique. This naturally promotes the best results in effectiveness and safety. I wholeheartedly recommend Robbie to any prospective client for his energy, professionalism and knowledge."


"Robbie’s enthusiasm and passion for health and fitness makes training something to look forward to. Exercise has always been something we have found difficult to stick to long term. We always tend to get tired of doing the same thing week in, week out, and self discipline has never been our strongest trait.

With Robbie we don't get an opportunity to get bored as he is constantly mixing it up, changing the routine to keep our training sessions fresh and enjoyable. Exercising in front of someone can make you feel self conscious, but Robbie has a gift for making you feel comfortable and at ease.

Since starting with Robbie about 4 months ago we feel stronger, fitter and more determined to reach our health and fitness goals, which we are well on the way of doing thanks to Robbie.

If anyone is looking for a trainer who is hard but fair, training sessions that are tough but are always fun & include a laugh, Robbie is the trainer for you!"

Jodie Lee and Kelly Clark
Belmore NSW

"I’m a 23 year old amateur bodybuilder who has tried for many years to gain muscle and strength with very little results. I spoke to many, so called Personal Trainers who tried to help, but failed and I did not see any results. I was lacking lots of key elements, technique, diet and knowledge. I was frustrated, so I changed gyms and then I met Robbie Bugo and we got talking and he immediately started helping me. was very impressed with his passion and enthusiasm. He did an assessment on men, I was about 75kgs. We set a goal to reach 95 kgs in 6 months which to me sounded impossible.

Form diet, technique and knowledge he was very thorough. I had to change a lot of things I was doing to get the results I wanted. I still walk into many gyms with Personal Trainers teaching people and can spot the wrong technique they’re using.

I started doing everything he told me and within a few weeks I started growing and putting on muscle mass like I’ve never done before. Every week I started noticing differences in my body. It was amazing. People even started asking me if I was using steroids which was an absolute compliment.

After six months had passed, I reached my goal of 95kgs. It wasn’t easy because I had a very strict diet and exercise program. I have the utmost respect for Robbie and swear by his knowledge and technical training. If you want the absolute best results, are willing to work hard and have the extra edge on your training I would definitely recommend Robbie. In my humble opinion he is definitely over qualified to be a Personal Trainer"

Paul Marsh
Padstow NSW

"Want to thankyou in lots of ways as Frank has gone thru a few trainers and no one like you has ever motivated him. He talks of you to everyone he comes across"

Ishla Astir

"Hi Robbie, Thanks so much for all you have done for me this year..it means a lot. I love training with you. You are a great guy and great trainer."

Elise Cox

"Robbie where do I start to describe you all I can say you are a very special person, you are a personal trainer with the biggest heart you give so much of yourself to your clients that you manage to change there lives.

I have known you less than a year and with your knowledge and your “perfect techniques". I have notice results in my body shape and fitness level beyond my expectations.

Thank you with all my heart you are truly a professional keep up your amazing energy and enthusiasm and the sky is the limit for your success."

with respect
Renee k.

"Hi Robbie

I had been busy at work and was not able to log on and check my emails until today.

I have to say my weight loss for the past 2 weeks is all thanks to you! I found that the drinking water equation (current weight divided by 30) really worked for me.

This equation stated that I have to drink 2.5 litres of water a day. Before I found this out I was only drinking 2 litres of water a day and feeling good about it, however to get me to lose 2kg in 2 weeks was to drink the extra 500mls of water.

I have been drinking the 2.5litres of water for 14 days now and managed to easily lose 2kg in 2 weeks.

I have passed on this equation to my mother who is struggling to lose the last 4kgs and already she has drank 2 litres of water each day for 7 days and has lost 1kg in 1 week.

A work colleague of mine, Patricia gained 1.5kg last week and was upset as she did so well with her eating and exercise however she realised she did not drink enough water. I told her about the water equation and she now drinks 3.5 litres each day. She has done this now for 7 days and has lost 2kg this week. Thus losing what she gained last week plus shedding another 0.5kg.

Thank you so much for this info Robbie. This information you provide to us is so beneficial and really does work."

Sharon Cobb

"Hi Robbie
I came to you an unhappy, lost, overweight, fit, group fitness instructor plagued by lots of past injuries and day to day life. I asked you to work on my muscle strength and fitness mainly, and if the kilos came off along the way that would be a bonus too.

The last nine months being around you and training with you has made me happy and determined. I’m more disciplined with my eating habits, my want to reach a goal and my want to keep going. It’s a slow process due to my day time office job but I’m going to get there with you.

I’ve only lost 4 kilos but I’ve gone down 2 sizes in clothes. My energy has come back and I don’t mind looking in the mirror again!

Robbie, mentally I’ve never felt more happy and alive again. You’ve also turned out to be a cherished friend, one who I’ll continue this journey with. If anyone asks, I will have no hesitation in recommending your personal training to them if they truly are committed to wanting a better life in health and fitness."

Thank you
Kay Rigney


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