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We at X Fitness Solutions are committed to providing personalised and complete health, fitness and wellness programs. We believe the role of a personal trainer goes far beyond teaching people how to exercise and eat. A trainer will not only be an educator, but will also become a motivator, a personal coach and a friend to his or her clients. We are dedicated to our clients success and offer a range of services for clients seeking a serious training regimen with a dedicated trainer. Matched to your schedule and location a Personal Trainer will work with you one on one in a designated gym, your
home or in a park/reserve.

We are Fat Loss and Muscle Toning Specialists. We are Dynamic Functional Exercise Experts. And have found that a combination of Dynamic Functional Exercise, Boxing and Kickboxing and Interval Training to be the most effective way to lose fat fast. Our 16 week plans are legendary and produce fantastic results for our clients. Each plan is unique and specifically tailored to each client.

We offer:

Fat loss, muscle toning, body shaping
Private one-on-one or small groups
Strength & Conditioning Programs which get results
Specific Nutrition & Diet Advise
Customised Personal Programs
Specific Populations (Kids, Pre-Natal Women, Older Adults)
Continual Motivation, Support and Guidance
Sport specific exercise programs
Telephone Consultations
Regular Physical Assessments (blood pressure, body fat, muscular endurance, etc.)
Goal setting workshops
Resistance Training sessions
Cardiovascular Training sessions
One on One Body Combat - Boxing/Kickboxing
Flexibility Training
Core Stability Training
Functional Exercise Training
Injury Rehabilitation

Outdoor Training Sessions in your local park or recreational area (no equipment necessary)
Personal Training Services delivered in the convenience of your home (no equipment necessary)
Our 6 Steps to process of "How it works..."

1. Qualification:

Generally their is a short telephone or email communication in terms of inquiries. We ask the customer to browse our website to:

  •     get a feel of whether they think we can help them
  •     get to know our products and services
  •     ensure that they are comfortable with our Pricing
  •     ensure that they are comfortable with our Policies
This is critical, because if there are any issues at this early stage at least we have not wasted each others valuable time. If the customer decides they are comfortable with these we schedule a free half hour consultation.

2. Consultation:

We can decide to meet at any of the above venues or a mutually agreeable location.

The consultation is purely verbal. There is no exercise involved. It serves the following purposes:

(a) To make sure we are a good fit for one another
(b) To get an understanding of a persons current health and fitness status
(c) To go through the persons goals and find out what results they want to achieve
(d) To give an understanding of what is involved with taking you on as a client
(e) To detail our packages and pricing
(f ) To agree upon weekly training timeslots

If we beleive we are a good match for one another then the person signs-up as client. Completes a Trainer / Client Contract. And we schedule in our training sessions.

Please note that the below is a typical scenario. The below sessions are highly recommended but not manditory.

3 . Client Physical Assessment Session:

(A Physical Assessment is necessary to establish a baseline of the clients current fitness levels and allows the PT to have a fundamental understanding of the clients strengths and weaknesses.) We conduct a very thorough and precise assessment specifically for you. This is 1.5 hour session at a cost of $150.00.

4 . Exercise Program Session:

(An Exercise Program allows the PT and the client to know what exercises to do on what particular day. And outlines what exercises will be conducted with the PT and what exercises the client will need to do on their own.) This is a 1 hour session at a cost of $100.00.

5 . Nutrition Session:

(Nutrition Session allows the PT to advise on what types of foods the client should be eating and what to avoid) The ultimate tool to getting into shape. With years of experience we put together the most specific and detailed report for you and your individual goals. This is a 2 hour session at the cost of $200.00

6. Personal Training Sessions:

We then get into Training...

7. "Step Down" Programs:

We offer “Step Down” programs for clients who have reached their goals or who feel that they are more capable of doing more on their own. It involves making a booking on a once per week, once per fortnight or once per month basis to ensure that they remain on track with their programs and that they are still accountable for their results. This can be critical for long term success.

Some of our Exercise Packages include



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