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Training and Diet Diary

From the time I began speedskating competitively to the time I started serious weight training. I have always maintained a training diary. I cannot express how important it is to track and record all your training sessions. It gives you the opportunity to learn from your daily workouts. To see trends in your training and diet. And helps you record all your successes and opportunities for improvement. The importance of individuality is paramount to your success. And what works for one person, more often than not does not work another. A training diary tracks what works and what does not work for you and you alone. It gives you a road map that you can refer back to time and time again. You can see how much you've grown as an athlete. And go back years ago and see what your goals were and what you did to achieve them.

There is so much information coming to us these days it is hard to know which to believe. All this comes from positive intent of other peoples opinions and experiences. And most of this advice actually does work. But it does not work for everybody. This is the key. A training diary allows you to keep what works and throw away what does not. Clarity is power. And until you can tailor a program specifically for you. You will never experience the true benefits of your workouts.

It is such a feeling of accomplishment when you can go back and see your progress recorded. It is a great motivational tool. It is the story of your success.

For a long time I was using an exercise book to record my workouts. And found that my information was lacking structure. So out of frustration I designed my own training and diet diary. It is unlike any training diary you've ever seen. And is jammed packed with features. You won't find these in stores.

The diary comes in a discreet black covering. Sections include: Energy Rating, Workout Rating, Diet Rating, Stretching, Weight Training duration, specific bodyparts, total sets per bodypart and total sets per workout, exercise section, 5 set layout, total volume, resting pulse, bodyfat, weight, sleep time, week and phase tracking, notes, start, finish time day and date. It includes sections for 8 meals (ideal for competitive bodybuilders), protein, carbs, fat and calories for each meal and totals, supplement section, meal numbering and timelines, two cardio sections per day, water intake, activities, comments and notes and more.

It also has a Personal Calorie Counter and Weight Training Records page. Which you use to add all your most often eaten foods and record your personal best lifts.

Sample Diet Diary Page

SampleTraining Diary Page

I provide a free excel calculator upon request via email. Which makes it a little easier to add up some of the totals.

Cost: $35.00

For orders please go to my Online Store to purchase


Email: enquiries@xfitness.com.au


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