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To Be Happy

Why would you pay someone to run on the treadmill or box in the park. Why pay when you can run for free out in the beautiful sunshine and you can do situps and pushups and squats and lunges all on your own at home or pretty much anywhere really.
The answer is: if we don’t pay or are not made accountable, we don’t do…I’m generalizing just a tad. But I’ve seen it time and time again. People sign with me for PT when they join the gym and they are all fired up and they learn a bunch of great exercises and know the ins and outs of cardio and interval training. But when the PT stops so does their training. Even though they are still paying gym membership, even though they have previously invested time and energy to making their health a priority. They still fall short of obtaining the results they deserve.

We just make excuses and there is no consequences as we have no investment financially or emotionally. We don’t do unless we are committed to meeting someone else for exercise. As a result we find ourselves out of condition and trying to face the stresses of life without having the energy or drive to cope. Life is hard enough when you are at your peak physically and emotionally. How can you expect to give 100% to your job, relationships and family when you are always feeling tired and rundown.

It’s a vicious cycle. Let’s use this and manipulate this cycle into a positive one. Here’s an example: The better your overall health the better you sleep. The better you sleep the less stressed you are when you wake up. The less stressed you are when you wake up, the better your relationships with your collegues at work (well hopefully). The better your work relationships the better you feel psychologically and emotionally (this is huge because we spend a lot of our daily hours at work). The better we feel inside the more likely we are going to make sensible food choices. The better we eat the better we look. The better we look the more confidence and less emotional baggage we carry. The less baggage the more effective we can be with family, friends and relationships. The more we appreciate our relationships the happier we become. And isn’t that our ultimate goal…To Be Happy…

Make it happen!!

This is Robbie signing out…



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