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Newsletter Feedback

"Hi rob really enjoying your newsletters particular the core training pictures and exercise and nutrition tips. Great stuff mate professional site, and inspirational video section . Keep it up mate."

Con Saroukos

"I love your newsletter emails Robbie!!!!!!!!!!"

Erika Medina

Hey R,

"I’ve just finished reading your newsletter and enjoyed all of it. I want to say I love the way you write. Its like your sitting in my lounge speaking to me, you make it easy to read and even easier to understand, but do you know what my favorite part of the newsletter was this week? I love your human side; your compassion is so overwhelming it brought me to tears. I’m talking about the video you choose for this week. I cried so hard when I watched it and couldn’t believe out of all the videos you could have picked you chose this one. You have always been the one to pick the underdog and you did it again with this video and for this I applaud you.

Your newsletter is not only informative and exciting, it’s written with love and compassion and this is what separates Robbie Bugo from other trainers. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading the next one.

I am blessed because of you"


Hi Robbie,

"I have found the newsletters very informative. I was actually surprised with the level of detail and depth you go into certain matters covered by the newsletter and not just gloss over things like so many other newsletters do.

keep up the good work! :)"

Randa Alamein

"Hi Robbie, I can certainly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your newsletter and looking at your mini workouts. I have used your workouts along with the DVD's I have. I'll be honest. I need a lot of work to my body. When I had Denise, I did work out enuf to keep me in shape but after Corey, and the seperation I lost it all. I may be thin but under these clothes, not good. I do enjoy working out with my dvd's I do not like going to the gym, I'll be honest, as I feel awful and think that everybody is looking at me and thinking how awful does she look even though she is thin. So I work out at home. I bought a few dvds of that Jillian Michaels, from Biggest Loser. Along with those I have used alot of your technics shown on your news letter. My eating, well, I think it is not the greatest. I do try to drink plenty of water thanks to you as you always are pumping it to people to do so. My eating is healthy but alot of it. So yes, your newsletter will help me as I have just started to do something and I find your newsletter to be motivational even just sitting and reading it.

Thx again for really making the effort with your newsletter to everyone out there because sometimes we do need to read up on things before putting them into practice."

Ishla Astir

"Hey there Robbie,

Thanks mate.. all good..

I really look forward to receiving your newsletter.. I am always looking out for new training tips and methods.. Never toooo old to learn.

Thanks again"

Joseph Youssef

Hi robbie,

"I love it ! - am an avid supporter !!
you must be doing something right because I am motivated to actually read it in a sea of things I read in any single day.
Keep it up !"

Marisa Corniola

"Hey Robbie,

Overall, the newsletter is extremely positive and motivating.

Of course I would love a section on bodybuilding in every edition but how much can you talk about the one topic. Being versatile is what makes you stand out from the rest and I feel you are reaching out to people rather than the typical PT or column writer who is basically all 'textbook' with no life experience.

keep it up,"

Michael Cotter

"Hi Rob, I said it before and i will say it again... your news letter rocks"


Carol Da Silva

"Hi Robbie, I find your newsletter very beneficial. I read the stories and find I can relate to them. You write as if you are speaking to the person in front of you which I really enjoy. You are so down to earth and appear to speak from personal experience. I also like the links you attach to view certain things."

Sharon Adlard

Hi Robbie,

Your newsletters are great. Your content is varied so there is something there for everyone. I also love the chill out video links.
Very funny.

Paula Biviano

Hey Robbie,

How are you? Its Sue, Rays sis.

Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your web site. Lorraine, emailed me one of your newsletters.

Absolutely Awesome!!! Its really inspirational and informative, easy to read and understand.

Keep up the good work.

Take care x

Suzanne Khattar

Hi Robbie, Thank you for your newsletter, you're such a breath of fresh air to me, there's not many of us that have a committed passion for health and fitness.
The last couple of years of been crazy for me and I've had to fight my health; Robbie you're finally helping me put the icing on the cake.

I wouldn't have had time to thank you in at the gym, I would have wasted your whole session. I know we've only just started but...

I clicked onto your 'video break', I remember the first time I saw that show on tv, I bawled my eyes out while that guy sang - I love music.

Enough of the gooey stuff - see you Thursday 5pm!!!

Kay Rigney





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