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My Philosophy on Exercise

Hi everyone and thank you for dropping by. I am writing this short article out of frustration more than anything else. I’ve been in the Fitness Industry for over 15 years and I have learnt a lot of lessons and made many mistakes. But I have also witnessed a shift in the industry towards different and varied exercise techniques. There seems to be a never-ending search for the perfect exercise to tone up the hips or that perfect supplement that will shed 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I don’t want to disappoint anyone but there is just no such thing. OK, there may well be a drug that can lose weight in record time that does actually work. But it is never for life. There are a few fundamental laws of life. And one of them is the law of sowing and reaping. It cannot be denied nor can it be altered. The law states that whatever you sow you shall also reap. But you must sow first. Some call it “karma”, others call it “what ever goes around comes around” or the "law of returns." These laws of nature, so to speak, are proven daily time and time again. You cannot go against them. And they cannot be altered.

So going back to the magic pill scenario. What did you sow when you took the fat loss pill. All you sowed was your time to the chemist and back. What are you going to reap. Well it might be great for a few weeks. But you can never have continuing ongoing results. Because you didn’t sow the right type of seed.

In life there is price to be paid for everything we do. Nothing worth getting comes free and easy. The most successful people in the world are normally the ones that failed the most. We just don’t get to see their failures. But they have learned that their failures are not for nothing. And there is a lesson to be learnt from each. And that they never ever give up. That’s how lives are shaped and characters molded. From how we deal with our successes and failures in life.
It doesn’t matter what you get in life. What matters is how we look and deal with what we get.

My point is this, if we can just think of exercise as a means to a greater ends. Then we look at it as a journey not a destination. We appreciate the ride and look forward to each step along the way. Getting into shape is just another way for us to grow as human beings.

Robbie Bugo



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