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"Just Do It"

I hear people say to me all the time. What is the best type of cardio to do. Which machines are the best to use to drop weight. What time of day is the best to lose fat. Which is the best program to follow etc. Now these are all legitimate questions and I’d love to hang around and chat about the answers. But when I ask them what are you currently doing. They saying “I’m doing nothing at the moment”….

Stop It!! You’re stressing me out.

I refuse to answer any questions by people that are not even committed to at least 1 hour of walking or some other sort of exercise a week. We were made by God to move each day. Yes, we started out as hunters and gatherers. That probably involved about 2-3 hours of exercise per day. I remember when I was a kid..we used to go for drain walks and build tree houses and play on skateboards and billy carts and run around in parks and stuff every single day.

I believe at bare minimum the human body was supposed to do at least 1 hour of medium to vigorous movement each day. Not exercise per se. But movement…today because of our busy lifestyles with work and with Foxtel and the kids using PS2 and Xbox. We don’t get our 1 hour of movement each day which is normal. So we go for walks or to the gym and now we call it exercise. People chat about going to the gym 6 or 7 days a week as being addicted or overly committed. Hey, wait a minute. We are suppose to move an hour a day at least. And if we don’t then the gym is a good option. But don’t make it sound like it’s overdoing it or anything like that.. It’s friggin normal if you have an office job and don’t do much else in the way of exercise.

“But Robbie, Bill Phillps says 20 minutes 3 days a week is the solution!”
“But Robbie, doesn’t daily cardio burn up muscle?”
“But Robbie, doesn’t weight training boost the metabolism more than aerobics?”
“But Robbie, long aerobic cardio is out – anaerobic and HITT cardio is in”

People have plenty of buts. The irony is, They spout off all these buts, and at the same time, they’re stuck and can’t figure out why they’re not losing those pockets of annoying body fat.

If you want to get lean – get off your “buts” and do what it takes to get the job done, not what the trend of the month dictates.

I’m currently working on a fat loss and body toning system which, I believe, is going to be cutting edge. And produce phenomenal results. There will be no new fancy exercises or weird diets or shakes. Nothing but “blood and guts” effort and good old fashioned heart. Coupled with sensible, “real life” and individualistic food choices.

What makes it so effective is the combinations of exercises using perfect technique and the efficiency of variable cardio. Add to this the “instinctive” factor which means that we listen to the body very closely and know it’s signals. Which includes tapering down or resting..Yes, I mean it..And we have a real recipe for success…stay tuned.

Robbie Out...


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