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The Hunt for the Illusive Abs

Man's search for the illusive rectus abdominal muscles, more commonly known as the abs. Has taking him/her to all sorts of foreign places and conflicting opinions.

Firstly let me make a point of telling you. Straight off the bat. That there is no such thing as "Site Reduction". The Site Reduction theory says that if you want to lose the fat off your stomach you do exercises that work that particular bodypart. So people would do hundreds of crunches, leg lifts, twists etc. Every single day at least 20 women ask me how to lose fat off their hips, thighs or butts. And they look at me with great anticipation for the magical exercise that will solve this problem. This is a massive, massive myth and I don't know how it got started. If you can find one female in the world that has lost more fat off their thighs, hips and buns FIRST!!. As opposed to losing fat FIRST off their face, upper body and breasts. Depending on the woman's shape obviously. I'll be a monkey's great grandmother. And as for the guys, if you find one guy in the world. Come on any guy. That has lost more weight off their stomachs FIRST!!. As opposed to losing fat off their face, upper body and maybe legs. I'll be a mongoose's second cousin. It just does not happen. And if so it is so rare. I have not heard of it. And please, Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery don't count.

So the truth is you need to lose fat over the entire body before your abs will secretly reveal themselves. And they will only reveal themselves if they have a certain amount of development. For example, a 10 year old kid will not show great abs no matter how lean they are. Because they have not got the muscle development yet. But most adults have a certain degree of ab lean muscle.

There is however a correlation between bloodflow and heat to certain muscle groups and the way they respond to this. But it is only slight. As a generalisation, our forearms and calves are leaner and more vascular than maybe some of our other bodyparts. The reason could be that they receive more work during the day to day activities of walking and picking up stuff etc. So there could be a little truth to the site reduction theory. But it is only minimal.
OK, now let's look at developing the Rectus Abdomonis or the Abs. Now please we are only speaking about developing the muscle now. Not how to lose the fat on top of them to reveal them. There are two separate processes. The Abs are designed for function more than size. So I have found the most successful and quickest way to train them is just like any other muscle group that you want to develop. By using resistance or weights. Weights, especially cables, let you work your muscles through a variety of angles by lessening your reliance on whichever single angle gravity allows you. We are not speaking about ridiculously heavy weights. Just enough so that you fatigue around about the 12-15 rep range. The days where you did hundreds of situps are over. I'm saying most things work. But we are speaking most effective and quickest here.

Obviously, if you were overweight, a novice or recovering from injury. Then your own bodyweight might be sufficient. As is the case with bodyweight crunches etc. But as you become leaner, there is less resistance to your muscles from your decreasing bodyweight, leaving you with less results in the long run.

Now as for losing the fat which hides the abs:


That's all Folks....


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