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Fat Loss Secret for Women

“I don't want to bulk up.”

I hear that, and I'm sure you do too, from many women that strength training will bulk them up. And while it’s true that the main effect of weight training is building or maintaining muscle, research shows that moderately heavy, low repetition training increases a woman's metabolic rate more than light weight, high-repetition training.

There’s no doubt that every woman needs some form of resistance training in her workout program. Science also tells us that gaining mass is a function of intensity and volume of training. So if a woman reduces her lifting volume, she can continue to train at a high intensity and reap the strength and metabolism boosting benefits without the fear of developing the dreaded “bulk.” Unfortunately, practically every female fitness magazine article is based on the high repetition, high volume, bodybuilder-influenced approach. So it’s no wonder women aren’t happy with their strength training advice, especially when they are given bodybuilder routines by default.

So what is the answer? What’s the next stage in the evolution of female fitness programs? I believe the best way to give a female client a well-rounded fitness and fat loss program is to reach a middle ground. Your options for fat loss aren’t just high repetition bodybuilder workouts, 60 minutes of cardio or a yoga class.

It's far more scientific than that. After you've established the correct workout structure. Which comes from knowing which bodyparts can be trained using heavy, low repetition training and which bodyparts require slightly lighter or differing type exercise. Only then can we achieve the total body re-shaping. And this is the basis of my personal training methodology. And will help females get that lean, sleek and sexy physique theyr'e after.

I have developed this process through years of trial and error. And since refining, it has consistently provided females their greatest chance of losing fat and ultimately changing their complete body shape.

Women that I have trained using this technique cannot believe that they can lose the amount of weight and achieve a total body transformation. They look much slimmer, leaner and tighter. Go down many dress sizes and feel great.


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