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5 Tips to get you through your Cardio

Everyone knows it..doing cardio is a must if you want to stay in shape that's a gimme. But how can you become consistent with it. Here are my tips:

1. Visualise your success. When I first started Personal Training full time I had only a couple of clients so what I did was I printed out a weekly time sheet and wrote fake names of clients in the time slots which I was prepared to work. Then every morning I made it a ritual to look at this piece of paper with all these fake client names on it and visualise the great feelings and positive client feedback of me helping these people get to their goals and how great it is to have these great clients. I learnt this from watching a video I had called "The Secret" some of you may have heard of it. I was desperate I didn't know what else to do. It seemed ridiculous and stupid but I can't put it in words how it actually worked. In a matter of months I was fully booked. The same can be true for your physical body. Think about what you'll gain by losing weight and being lean, picture yourself doing things that you couldn't do. Feel the feelings of people giving you compliments and paying more attention to you.

2. Get yourself some vibes. I don't know many people who don't get motivated by listening to their favourite music. Do yourself a favour and buy an Ipod. It makes doing Cardio far more fun.

3. Chat to people while you're on the machines. If you are doing your long slow cardio as opposed to your interval/speed type training chat to the person next to you. I always find that the time goes heaps quicker when your engaged in interesting conversation with the person next to you. Who knows you might even make a new friend. What a bonus. If the person next to you is the shy type attack the person on the other side. If they are not the talkative type go to plan C and whack on that ipod.

4. Do the cardio as a planned event with your friend. It's harder to get out of doing cardio when someone is waiting for you. Pick a time and have a game plan.

5. Use competition as a motivating force. I'm the competitive type so when I see a physique I like or when people try and put me down for being a fitness freak. I use it to drive me towards my goals. When I see someone lifting more or using better technique or doing something new or doing something better. I immediately try and better them in a positive way. It's my way of motivating myself to strive to bigger and better things. Same can be said with developing your ideal physique.



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