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1. GOALS Set short term, achievable goals – it’s always more satisfying to over achieve than under achieve. Tell your friends and family what your exercise goals are too – it’s a great way to keep focussed and motivated

2. FRIENDS Exercise with a friend - it makes the activity more fun and also provides great motivation

3. SHOES Invest in a good pair of trainers. They are the most important piece of kit – supporting your feet and helping to prevent injuries

4. HYDRATION Drink plenty of water. When you exercise you will sweat and as a result your body will become dehydrated. It’s important that you replenish lost fluids during and after exercise

5. HAVE FUN Choose activities that you really enjoy. There are so many different ways to exercise - going to the gym, swimming, cycling, tennis, dance classes or just brisk walking in the park. If you have fun while you work out you are more likely to stick with it

6. DIARY Make a note of your workouts in a diary in the same way you do for other activities in your life. Plan the number of times a week you are going to exercise in advance and work it around your everyday routine

7. BE REALISTIC Don’t try to do too much too soon. Start slowly and build up gradually

8. MEET THE PROFESSIONALS Book in for regular appointments with a fitness professional. They will make sure that your workout program develops with your improving level of fitness

9. REWARDS Give yourself rewards and encouragement for your achievements10. STICK WITH IT! Don’t give up. Some days exercise will be tough but keep sight of your goals and remember all the health benefits of leading an active lifestyle

10. CONSISTENCY The name of the game is to be consistent. It's a marathon not a sprint so slow and steady wins the race.



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