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bankstown personal trainer

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BootCamp Classes in Bankstown


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Humble Beginnings..




Hello everyone, my name is Robbie Bugo and I am very excited about being a part of a system which is helping people make changes in their lives. I am a Fitness Professional and a Personal Coach. And am blessed with the privilege of helping my clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Growing up, I lived across the road from a rollerskating rink in Sydney, NSW. And remember looking out my bedroom window every night to see the florescent blue and red lights sparkle as they reflected off the mirror ball on the skating rink floor. It wasn't long after, that my grandfather took me skating on Tuesday nights. I was 9 years old at the time. I grew to love the sport of rollerskating and at the age of 13 had entered into my first speed skating competition. At age 14, I won my first club championship. And at 15 had won my first state title. From the age of 16 through to 18, I had won 6 National Titles.

I finally broke through at age 20 and had the unbelievable experience of representing Australia at the 1990 World Speed Skating Championships in Bello , Colombia . It was my first World Championships. And a culmination of hard work and perserverence. Our national coach was legend Italian speed skater Guesspi Cruciani. Who, himself was a multiple world title and world record holder. We dined with the American Team, who at the time included Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist from Salt Lake City Winter Olympics - Derek Parra. (Derek began his career in speed rollerskating, then inline speedskating and finally long track ice speed skating). My final placing was 9th in the World which included a 5th place finish in the 5000m event. It was a life changinge experience for me and helped create memories that I will never forget.

During the next few years, I coached kids at the local skating clubs and later took up martial arts. I grew to love the style of Taekwondo I was studying and also took up kickboxing training. My friend at the time was aslo doing some weight training at the local Police Boys Club. So I thought it would be interesting to join him. And that's where my love affair with the gym started.

Shortly after I started studying Health and Fitness. And it took me to a Diploma of Exercise Science. I am currently studying with the International Academy of Physique Conditioning. I've also started Bankstown Personal Trainer.

I currently own Pure Results Personal Training Studios - 2012 Health Club of the Year, Boxmania Boxing Classes and Go Ape Bootcamp. And am enjoying the benefits of being able to influence people and make new friends. I have taken on the challenge to specialise in women's fat and weight loss as well as special populations. And thankfully am getting good reports. I have always loved the health and fitness industry and hope to make a difference in the lives of people I come in contact with.

"The Strength of the Human Spirit
and our Ultimate Destiny is defined
by What We Do, not what we can do."

             Robbie Bugo

Darren Senter - ex-Wests Tiger's cpt.
Ronnie Coleman - 8 times
Mr Olympia 

 Training the trainer   working with Lori   

Old friend Danny Chau
(2 X Mr Natural Olympia) One of Australia's Best Physiques
Me and the Australian Team to tour Colombia for the World Championships
My love of Fishing

One very poor and sorryful attempt at stardom...

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"The only person who truly believed in me was Robbie, I gave Robbie (and I’m sure I still do) a hard time, every time he asked me to do something I’d say NO and came up with 100s of excuses as to why I couldn’t do it. Robbie would just look at me and not move till I tried. When I felt like I couldn’t go on, he pushed me further, he told me I could do it and he NEVER allowed me to quit. When I cried and said I couldn’t do it, he looked at me and told me to keep going, when I told him he was going to kill me, he looked at me and said NO I’m saving your life AND he is.

Since I have been training with Robbie I have dropped a lot of weight, how much you ask? Well last night I weighed in and lost 4.2 kilos in 7 days. This has been my single biggest loss in 1 week. I started training with Robbie in mid December and up till last night I have lost an exact total of 20.4 kilos. Robbie is the most amazing trainer I have ever come across and this is 50/50. Without Robbie I wouldn’t be doing this. When I drop the next 20 kilos, I think its then time for before and after shot. Thank you for all you’ve done for me Robbie. I am in debt to you forever!"

Lisa Aifantis

"Robbie has been an inspiration *still is*, a great motivator, a person who gives 110% without fail & a great friend! He always makes training sessions fun but more importantly, these training sessions work! I actually came from being overweight to a toned, lean balanced person! All the knowledge and skill that Robbie has made me understand clearly what nutrition & balance is :) Robbie has taught sooooooo many stretches, weight techniques & cardio *urrghhh* I would like to say that he is turned my life around & helped me in every possible way to acheive my goals!
Thank you very much Robbie! It means alot to me :)"

Linda Saysanith

"I found Robbie Bugo after extensive internet research into someone who was not only convenient to my work, but also had the right philosophy to suit my rather crazy and irregular lifestyle.

I hit the jackpot with Robbie. He is a terrific trainer ... patient but tough ... fun and funny but also a whip-cracker if I were to try and slacken off. He has a terrific ability to tailor training - not only long-term but also week-by-week - for people like myself who regularly have new and exciting injuries and deteriorating body parts!

He has devised training that avoids particular exercises which I expressed right at the beginning that I loathed. He has also created different techniques to suit differing requirements, such as when I am nearing finals in my weekend tennis comp: he devises specific exercises for those times which help immensely with maximising results.

And most importantly, he hasn't let the fact that I am an overweight, middle-aged woman deter him from helping me get the best possible results from my training."

Maruschka Loupis

"Thanks mate, I really appreciate your help and advice. When I came to see you I was in such a bad emotional state and through my training and your encouragement, I came out of that - I really mean this. It's hard to talk frankly in the gym but I just want to sincerely thank you. Thanks again Robbie, I would recommend you to anyone that asks about PT"


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