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Before & After

Some of my clients success stories...

Name: Paul Nguyen   Age: 21   Goal: To Lose Weight and Tone up.

        Before (Date: 01/03/07) Weight: 86kg     After (Date: 01/06/07) Weight: 75kg     

Paul's program included a specific weight training regime. Working on his weaker bodyparts as well as incorporating dynamic functional exercise with some core stability work. We are now working towards more sports specific training with boxing and kickboxing to ensure that physical gains are converted to better sporting performance.

Name: Carol DaSilva   Age:31   Goal: To Lose Fat and Tone up.

Before (Date: 01/08/07) Weight: 83kg

After (Date: 1/2/08) Weight: 71kg

Carol is a work in progress. She has her sights set on losing another 5-6kgs. Her eating habits have improved considerably and we are working towards a more consistent lifestyle change in order for her to maintain continual improvement towards her goals.


                   48kgs                       78kgs                                    72kgs 

I'm no foreigner to the weight loss and muscle buiding process either. I was very skinny growing up (48kgs at 23 years of age) and found out early on that you can't be skinny as well as short. So I hit the gym hard and bulked up. Unfortunately I made the mistake of not watching my body fat and ballooned to almost 80kgs. I was overweight, unfit and out of shape.

I know what it's like to be skinny and I know what it's like to be overweight. Neither I desire... The fitness industry has taught me so much about my own body. At 38 years of age now, the transformation I've made to my own physique has enabled me to be a more effective trainer.

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