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Are you looking to Lose Weight and Change Your Body?

Are you looking to lose weight and get into great shape? Are you looking for a specific fat loss program or a health and wellness package that gets results? Are you sick of the same old diet advice? Then we think we can help...

We are a Results-Based Personal Training Company. We specialise in Weight Loss, Body Toning, Muscle Gain, Individualised Fitness Programs and Exercise Prescription for your specific body and goals.


Our Personal Trainers are seasoned Fitness Professionals who are passionate and determined about getting you to your goal...


Just joined the gym and don't know where to start...this video may help



Hi, my name is Robbie Bugo and I am the owner of X Fitness Solutions.
A Personal Training and Coaching Business dedicated to changing peoples lives by providing customised personal training services designed to suit our customer's individual needs. And that deliver real visible results. If you are tired of struggling to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, we have the answer. For more about me please feel free to check out my Bio.

We help people who are not happy with their current health and fitness levels. And have found that the key to making real personal change is by unlocking the motivation within. We build trust by connecting with our clients. And make it a habit of being totally honest and straight-forward in our approach.

We love what we do, we care about what we do. Combine this with a powerful and specialised system. The correct eating plan and the will to succeed. And you have the recipe which can produce excellent results.

Many of our philosophies, training programs and diet regimes are based on the all time best selling product: Burn the Fat and Feed
The Muscle
which is exactly what being in the fat burning zone and having a high metabolism is all about. Do yourself a favour and if you haven't purchased this absolutely gold nugget of a product
Click Here! to get it now...it's a real gem.

We are experts in body mechanics, posture and exercise technique and have created proven programs using accrued experience, knowledge and technologies which greatly accelerate progress.

Our primary goal is to put you in the best possible position to accomplish your goals in the least possible amount of time. You will gain strength, lose body fat, increase your metabolism and live a healthier life.

Get your fat loss and toning goals kicked off to the right
start with this free ebook...


Get this great free e-book, and also receive
my free fortnightly newsletter and a kickstarter exercise program..
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We Shape Bodies.....How do you want your's to look?



These programs are only intended for people who are serious about achieving their fitness goals. Sessions with your personal trainer will deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time... you'll be educated and mentored which will more likely help you maintain your fitness levels on your own afterwards.
This website has valuable information and tips for getting the health, fitness, weight loss, and fat burning results you want. So please feel free to checkout some of the articles...

We've had some awesome clients. Our Testimonials lets you see what others have said aobut us and our Video Testimonials shows some of our clients speaking about us.

Schedule your FREE, no obligation consultation now...
($45 value)

We offer many fitness programs, packages and payment plans. You can also check out Bankstown Personal Trainer.

If you have any questions about any of our services , please don't hesitate to contact us anytime. I'd be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

Call 0411 437 907 or email us for more information

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I cant wait to see
you go from where you are to where you want to be!

Yours in Health,

Robbie Bugo



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"I have tried a number of personal trainers whom I cannot say too much for.
I heard of Robbie through a mutual friend of mine that suggested I see him if I wanted to get the results I was looking for. Robbie has a procedure, a system, and a plan. He educated me on eating, gave me a diary that he created, he also educated me on training, tips and tricks and how to really get the best out of every session and set, still to this day. Robbie also practices what he preaches - A Big Plus!
Whether you want to build impressive muscular size and strength, tone up, lose weight or simply increase your fitness levels then look no further because TODAY is your lucky day...."

Eszter Nagy
Baulkham Hills, NSW

"Robbie has been an inspiration *still is*, a great motivator, a person who gives 110% without fail & a great friend! He always makes training sessions fun but more importantly, these training sessions work! I actually came from being overweight to a toned, lean balanced person! All the knowledge and skill that Robbie has made me understand clearly what nutrition & balance is :) Robbie has taught sooooooo many stretches, weight techniques & cardio *urrghhh* I would like to say that he is turned my life around & helped me in every possible way to acheive my goals!
Thank you very much Robbie! It means alot to me :)"
Linda Saysanith

"I found Robbie Bugo after extensive internet research into someone who was not only convenient to my work, but also had the right philosophy to suit my rather crazy and irregular lifestyle.

I hit the jackpot with Robbie. He is a terrific trainer ... patient but tough ... fun and funny but also a whip-cracker if I were to try and slacken off. He has a terrific ability to tailor training - not only long-term but also week-by-week - for people like myself who regularly have new and exciting injuries and deteriorating body parts!

He has devised training that avoids particular exercises which I expressed right at the beginning that I loathed. He has also created different techniques to suit differing requirements, such as when I am nearing finals in my weekend tennis comp: he devises specific exercises for those times which help immensely with maximising results.

And most importantly, he hasn't let the fact that I am an overweight, middle-aged woman deter him from helping me get the best possible results from my training."

Maruschka Loupis

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